Monday, October 31, 2016

Two New Digital Resources on Interreligious Encounter and Global Catholicism

1)    Jan Phillips Database for Interreligious Encounter
An electronic database that focuses on the historical and contemporary encounters between and among Jews, Christians, and Muslims, including scholarship in comparative religions and theologies, hermeneutics, Qumran studies, Judaism/Islam/Christianity, prayer-spirituality-mysticism as well as guides for collaborative teaching.

2)  Journal of Global Catholicism
A new open access, international and interdisciplinary peer-reviewed electronic journal that seeks an understanding of the diverse forms of lived Catholicism in global context.  The Fall 2016 inaugural edition focuses on the various expressions of Catholicism in religiously pluralistic India. 

Try-It! Illinois Trial Databases

Offers a wide variety of digital databases across many different fields of study, including theology and religious studies, from the leading publishers in electronic resources.  To access these trial databases, go to  For login access (username and password) -- or if you would like to provide any evaluative comments or recommendations on particular resources -- please contact Christopher Rogers,  Available through November 30.

Friday, October 14, 2016


Welcome to our new Electronic Services Librarian, Christopher Rogers. Stop in and see him for help with research topics, using the databases, instruction needs, and other questions you might have. He is eager to have more interaction--he's finding it a bit slow around here, so come in and give him some work!!