Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Library Publishing Program Launches Open Access E-books

The library is pleased to announce the launch of Paul Bechtold Library Publications’ open access monographs for 2015. Paul Bechtold Library Publications is a Catholic online, open-access publisher of theology and pastoral ministry monographs at the Catholic Theological Union through the Paul Bechtold Library. Its mission is to serve the Church by providing a forum for theologians and pastoral ministers to engage the Catholic tradition in respectful, constructive, and critical dialogue. Its primary intent and direction is to promote a deeper understanding of the Christian faith and the mission of the Church.

The publications program includes two ebooks in its catalog, which are free to download. Preaching Matters: A Praxis for Preachers, offers practical strategies to new and experienced preachers. Married in Mission: A Handbook for Couples in Cross-Cultural Service is a guide for Christian couples serving in overseas ministries.

Interested authors are encouraged to view the editorial policies and review the submission guidelines before preparing a submission.

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